Jumping Clinic | August 13th | Austin, Texas

Jumping Clinic | August 13th | Austin, Texas

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Join Tyler himself for a Dirt Bike Jumping Clinic*


Due to the nature of jumping a dirt bike; you must have completed 1 of these following options to participate AND you must bring your OWN BIKE, no rentals will be available:

  1. Participated in a prior Jump Clinic

  2. Completed a Technique Camp with MXF

  3. Completed 20 or more hours in the MXF Technique Masterclass


    If you haven’t completed one of the above and but are still interested in joining, please submit a video to info@themxfactory.com for Tyler to review

Location: Spoaks MX, Lockhart TX

Time: 8AM-2PM

The class will be based around becoming a better and safer jumper!

Join us while we spend the whole day learning how to :

  1. Jump straight consistently

  2. Case and over Jump properly

  3. Work up to bigger Jumps

  4. Seat bounce

  5. Pre-load standing

  6. Evaluate jumps on the ratio risk to reward

  7. Scrub efficiently

  8. Not jump as fast as you can (when the jump is out of your skill set)

This class is for all riders both trail and Moto who have any fear around jumping their dirt bike. When you leave this class you will have a very good understanding on how to jump safely.

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