David Box Camp November 12-13

David Box Camp November 12-13

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Hey MXF Riders Tyler here,

This camp will be a very technique driven camp. If you’re looking for immediate speed, look elsewhere. As you know I’m all about driving in the foundation to make you a safe rider first and a fast rider second. So if you’re looking to achieve pro level technique make sure you come see me for this one.

Camp Structure will look like this :

Friday I will be available for 2 private lessons for those trying to get extra training. I take up to two riders at a time in privates. The price is $300 a rider, we will ride from 3-5pm and 5-7pm- please email us at into@themxfactory.com if interested.


Saturday 9-3pm

Sunday 9-2pm

We will cover:

  • Proper Foot Work

  • Proper Seated Neutral Position

  • Proper Seated Attack Position

  • Proper Seated Braking Position

  • Proper Standing Neutral Position

  • Proper Standing Attack and Braking Position

  • The Key to Ruts

  • The Key to Jumps

  • Starts if Time allows.

  • Understanding Moto Fitness

We will be taking riders of all ages and skill levels, we will have a small bike group and a big bike group. Although you must have some track experience and be able to get around it safely prior to attending.


It’s mandatory that you help if your kid can’t start or pick up his bike. This ensures that my time is spent doing what I do best, giving you guys great info on riding your dirt bike better.

I will be bringing merchandise, to guarantee you get your size please pre order in sign up!

Food and drinks will be riders responsibility.

Expect further details 3-5 days prior to camp via email.

*This is a private track owned by David Box


1438b CR 4100 Coffeyville, KS

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