3 Advanced Wheelie Tips to Impress Your Riding Buddies!!

Elevate Your Wheelie Game: Advanced Tips from The MX Factory

Mastering the art of the wheelie is a badge of honor for any motocross enthusiast. In a recent video, Tyler from The MX Factory broke down three advanced wheelie techniques that are not just challenging but incredibly fun. Whether you're looking to impress or just improve, these tips will rev up your skills.

Tip 1: One-Handed Wheelies

This technique is about as cool as it gets, allowing you to casually wave at admirers while maintaining a perfect wheelie. The trick here is to balance throttle and brake control since you'll be letting go of the clutch. Remember to keep a micro bend in your elbow to prevent injury in case your arm hits the ground. A pro tip: tilt the handlebars to the stopper to avoid over-managing the bike's direction.

Tip 2: The 12 O'Clock Wheelie

It’s the stuff of legends – the 12 o'clock wheelie. This move requires overcoming your fear of falling backward, as well as having precise control over the rear brake and clutch. The key is to allow the bike to lean back to the point where the fender just grazes the ground, then use the back brake to smoothly bring the front end down. Patience and a lot of practice are needed to master this adrenaline-pumping maneuver.

Tip 3: Wheelies Over Obstacles

Taking your wheelie skills to the next level means learning to navigate them over various terrains, like tabletops. The approach differs whether you're going uphill or downhill. When ascending, the terrain naturally assists in maintaining the wheelie. Descending is more challenging, requiring you to keep the front end higher than usual, creating an exhilarating yet daunting experience.

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