3 Cornering Drills on a Dirt Bike - Plus Bonus Tip!!

Corner Like a Pro: Three Essential Drills from The MX Factory

Cornering is a critical skill in motocross, demanding precision, balance, and practice. In a recent tutorial, Tyler from The MX Factory in Austin, Texas, unveiled three drills designed to enhance your cornering abilities. Let's break down these drills and learn how they can transform your riding technique.

Drill 1: Leg Positioning

The key to successful cornering often lies in your leg position. Keeping your leg up and pressing it against the shroud helps maintain balance and prevents common falls. This technique requires good hamstring mobility, so don’t shy away from some stretching to improve your flexibility. The goal is to create pressure against the bike with your leg, which aids in stability as you navigate through corners.

Drill 2: Feet on the Pegs

Contrary to instinct, keeping your feet on the pegs while cornering can significantly improve your control. This drill encourages you to rely on steady throttle application for balance, rather than your leg. This approach not only helps keep the bike planted but also ensures smoother cornering. By controlling the bike with your core and maintaining throttle consistency, you're less likely to fall and more likely to exit the corner with greater speed.

Drill 3: Steady Throttle Application

The timing of your throttle application is crucial in cornering. Generally, the best time to gas up is at the apex of the corner. This method allows for all necessary braking and setup before the turn, enabling a smooth transition to accelerating out of the corner. If you struggle with throttle control, start with gentle application and gradually build up as you gain confidence.

Bonus Drill: Vision Training

Once you've mastered the above drills, add vision training to the mix. At the apex of the corner, turn your head and look through the turn earlier than usual. This exercise helps in anticipating and reacting to the upcoming track layout, improving your overall cornering technique.

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