31 Seriously Helpful Dirt Bike Hacks & Tricks

31 Dirt Bike Hacks and Tricks for Easier Maintenance and Riding

In the world of motocross, clever hacks can make life much easier, both on and off the track. Tyler from The MX Factory recently shared 31 ingenious dirt bike tips and tricks. Let's dive into these hacks that range from maintenance to riding techniques.

  1. Coat Tube in Baby Powder: Prevent valve stem damage by coating your tube in baby powder before installing it.

  2. Carry Stand with Kickstarter: Use the Kickstarter or flip peg to carry your stand hands-free.

  3. Tie Down as a Stand: If you forget a stand, use a tie down attached to your truck or trailer.

  4. Grip Removal with Compressed Air: Quickly remove grips using compressed air.

  5. Master Link Removal/Install: Use a screwdriver and hammer for easy master link removal and installation.

  6. File Dull Edges on Foot Peg: A sharper foot peg offers more grip – use a file for sharpening.

  7. Zip Tie Fork Leg Measure: Track fork travel using a zip tie on a fork leg to check spring rate and clicker settings.

  8. Plastic Crack Repair: Use baking soda and super glue for a quick plastic crack repair.

  9. Prevent Tube Pinching: Inflate the tube slightly to prevent pinching during installation.

  10. Axle Nut Loosening with Leg: Use your leg instead of your arm for extra leverage on tight axle nuts.

  11. Chain Adjuster Gap Solution: Use a folded paper towel to protect from metal-on-metal damage.

  12. Carpet as a Work Mat: Prevent bolts from rolling and keep your workspace tidy with a piece of carpet.

  13. Fork Seal Quick Fix: Use a business card to clear debris from a leaky fork seal.

  14. Dryer Sheets for Stinky Boots: Store dryer sheets in boots to combat odor.

  15. Graphic/Sticker Repair: Trim the dirty part of a peeling sticker and reapply.

  16. Rim Strip Alternative: Use duct tape as a rim strip to protect tubes from spoke punctures.

  17. Foot as a Tool Holder: Your foot can conveniently hold tools while working on your bike.

  18. Prevent Mud Sticking: Spray WD-40 or a lubricant on fenders to prevent mud build-up.

  19. Extended Visor Hack: Tape an old goggle lens to your visor for extra protection in muddy conditions.

  20. Tear-Off Organization: Loop tear-offs under each other for easy access.

  21. Radiator Leak Fix: Use ground black pepper to temporarily stop a radiator leak.

  22. Pliers for Tight Allen Bolts: Use pliers as an extension for turning small Allen bolts.

  23. Duct Tape as a Bike Plug: Use duct tape to seal the exhaust when washing your bike.

  24. Wire Grips: Wrap wire around grips for extra hold.

  25. Removing Sticker Residue: Duct tape can help remove adhesive residue; use a razor blade if it's stubborn.

  26. Securing Sprocket Bolts: Apply thread lock to the threads and head of the bolts.

  27. Valve Stem Installation Trick: Inflate the tube a bit to ease valve stem installation.

  28. Preventing Chain Adjuster Seize: Grease the threads to prevent seizing.

  29. Helmet Strap Technique: Ensure proper threading through the helmet strap rings.

  30. Cleaning Chains: Use Simple Green, water, and compressed air for thorough cleaning.

  31. Goggle Lens Installation: Secure the ends first, then the bottom.

By integrating these hacks into your dirt biking routine, you can simplify maintenance, enhance your riding experience, and potentially save on costly repairs. Always remember, the best tricks are those that keep you safe and your bike in top condition!

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