How to Brake Tap on a Dirt Bike - Perfect Your Motocross Jumping Skills!!

Mastering the Brake Tap: Essential Steps and Drills

Perfecting the brake tap is a crucial skill for any motocross enthusiast, especially when it comes to managing your bike's posture in mid-air. Tyler from The MX Factory breaks down this technique into three manageable steps, along with practical drills to help you master it. Here's a summary of the tutorial:

Step 1: Clutch Control

The first step involves efficiently pulling in the clutch as your back tire leaves the jump. The timing is critical: pull in the clutch immediately after takeoff and release it quickly. To practice, start on flat ground: ride, let off the gas, pull in the clutch quickly, and release. Repeat this until it feels comfortable, then apply this skill to jumps.

Step 2: Hitting the Back Brake

With the clutch pulled in, the next step is to tap the back brake. This action should be swift and precise. Practice on the ground first by gaining some speed, pulling the clutch in, tapping the back brake, and then quickly releasing the clutch. This quick action is essential, especially on smaller jumps where response time is limited.

Body Position Tip

As you hit the back brake, your bike’s front end will drop. Be prepared to move with the bike, leaning forward to match the bike’s descent. This approach helps avoid a ‘whiskey throttle’ landing where the bike accelerates uncontrollably.

Step 3: Restart Wheel Spin

Finally, the objective is to get the back wheel spinning before you land. This step is vital for bike stabilization upon landing. If the wheel isn’t spinning, there’s a higher chance of the bike compressing and bouncing upon touchdown. Practice on the ground: pull the clutch, hit the brake, then throttle briefly just as you release the clutch, causing the wheel to spin.


These steps and drills aim to instill a sense of control and confidence when performing a brake tap. It’s a technique that not only enhances your riding skills but also ensures safer landings during jumps.

Additional Resources

For more motocross tips and tutorials, check out The MX Factory’s YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe and like their videos to support their content. Happy practicing, and ride safely!

Remember, as with all motocross techniques, practice is key. Take the time to hone each step, starting on the ground before taking it to the jumps. Stay safe, and enjoy the thrill of a well-executed brake tap!