How to Brake Tap on a Dirt Bike - Perfect Your Motocross Jumping Skills!!

In this video, you're gonna learn how to break, tap, and we're gonna give you some awesome drills to do it.

What's up guys, Tyler, with the MX factory today, we're gonna teach you how to break. Tap in three easy steps. Step one is gonna be pulling in your clutch. Step two is gonna be actually heading the back break. And step three is getting that tire rotating before you hit the ground. Make sure you guys give this video a.

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Step one is gonna be just pulling in the clutch, getting efficient with pulling in that clutch and wind when to time it. So you're gonna wanna pull the clutch in immediately after your back tire leaves. The jump and then you're gonna wanna release it quickly. A drill that you can do. This is get on flat ground and just ride, let off the gas, pull the clutch in quick, release it until that starts to feel real comfortable.

It shouldn't take that long. And then you move that to the jump.

Step two is gonna be actually hitting the back break. The clutch will need to be pulled in. I suggest that you do this on the ground first. Just get a little speed, pull the clutch in, hit the back break, quick release the clutch. Do it quickly. You gotta think like this, the smaller of a jump, the faster you're gonna have to be able to move the clutch in, hit the back break and release.

So it's nice to do it on the ground. So you feel really, really comfortable doing that fast.

When you hit the jump, it has to be a quick movement. You don't wanna do it too early on the face of the jump and you do not wanna do it too late. You actually want to do it right as you come off the jump and then get the front end to adjust quick note with body position. When you're hitting the back break, you need to be ready to move with the bike as the front end drops.

What I mean by that is the bike's gonna drop front, end down. You want to kind of go with it with the, with your body, with your upper body. Follow it to the ground. Yeah.

You don't wanna stay way back and land behind the power. That's what's gonna create a whiskey throttle landing and the bike taken off without you. The bigger, the jump means the faster you'll be going. The faster the wheel spinning, the more aggressive it's gonna drop. If you're hitting a fourth gear wide open jump, you pull the question, hit the back brake.

It's gonna drop quickly. If you're going a little slower, it's gonna take a little more force down on the brake pedal to get it to drop step. It's gonna be simply getting the wheel spinning before you hit the ground. Again, what's really important about that. Is it stabilizes the bike when you hit the ground.

So if you don't have the wheel spinning in your little sideways, the bike's more prone to compress and unload and bounce rather than drive through the landing. You can also practice this on the ground by pulling the clutch in hitting the brake and then gasping it right as you leave the, leave the clutch, just to get the wheel to pop back into a spinning motion right before you hit the ground.

Safe and to keep it smooth.

All right, guys, that was how to break. Tap. We hope you tap your break correctly, so you don't tap your head on accident. That was my freestyle more videos over here, Instagram down here. We love you guys for that and subscribe over here. Peace. How'd you like to do stuff? Guess it was nice. Shut the ver shut the little thing.

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