How to Shift a Dirt Bike Properly - Top 3 Tips Plus Bonus Pro Tip!

Mastering the Art of Shifting: Top Tips from The MX Factory

Shifting gears on a dirt bike might seem straightforward, but it’s an art that requires finesse, timing, and practice. In a recent video, Tyler Livesay from The MX Factory shared invaluable insights on how to perfect this skill. Here, we've condensed his wisdom into a handy guide, sprinkled with our MX Factory expertise.

Tip 1: To Clutch or Not to Clutch

When it comes to using the clutch, the approach varies based on your skill level. Beginners should use the clutch when shifting up but can skip it when shifting down. Why? Because engaging the clutch while braking helps maintain control and prevents loss of traction. As you grow more proficient, you'll learn to shift without the clutch, especially when you need that extra burst of speed.

Tip 2: Foot Position Matters

Foot positioning is crucial. Keep your foot close to the bike, shifting from front to back. This method is not only safer—reducing the risk of catching your foot—but also improves your ability to grip the bike with your legs. A more stable stance means more control over your ride.

Tip 3: Timing Your Shifts

Understanding when to shift is key. Ideally, you want to shift gears as the RPMs reach a point where the bike starts to lose power. Keep the bike within the power curve to ensure a smooth, powerful ride. Shifting too late can lead to a significant drop in power, while shifting too early may not utilize the bike's full potential.

Pro Tip: Airborne Shifting

Here’s a pro tip for more advanced riders: shift gears while airborne. This tactic frees up the engine and prepares you for what's next, whether it's a longer straightaway or a sharp turn. Remember, no clutch is needed in the air, but ensure you're off the gas when shifting. This technique can shave off crucial seconds and improve your overall performance.

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