How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike Like A Pro


We get this question all the time at the MX factory, how to do a wheelie in this video, we're gonna show you three simple steps from the good and the bad let's go ride.

Hey guys, this is Tyler with the MX factory. I'm really excited about the wheelie game today. First thing we're gonna work on and our step one will be body position on the bike. Just where to sit and underst. Not too far forward, not too far back that sweet spot.

Step two is gonna be your control work, basically understanding what that means. And then step three will be balanced front to back. Here's step number one, we'll work on our body position, where to sit, um, upper body needs to be in your good neutral elbows at 45 to 90 degree angle lower. Body's the most important part here.

You wanna scoot the butt back on the seat? Um, good roll of thumb is if you put your fist in front of your. you got about one fist, two fist, three fist to the front of the tank. And that's kind of a good, you know, two or three inches each way area to sit, but you really don't want to do is try to take off with all your weight on the top of the bike.

When you get into your wheely, all your leverages at the top of the seat, things can go south pretty quickly or too far back. You don't want to be. You know, you don't want to be excite by style way back here. It's a disaster.

We want to be down the bottom to where we have a little lighter top of the bike and we can control that a little easier.

Step two, we're gonna go over all of our controls when we're working with our controls. I like to use two fingers here. It's enough for me. And then just one on the front break. It's a preference. Doesn't really matter. Your bike just needs to be disengaged, right? For you to get the clock, to get the front end up.

So all you do is come into a roll. Nice idle speed, pulling your front brake, just a little to load the front end. And then as you want the front end to come up, you. Clutch out front breakout, a little bit of gas all at the same time.

Step three will work on balance and more importantly, the use of our rear break. Most people that you see on any of these videos that are on their back have tried to do a Willy without having control of the rear break. The rear break is basically your lifesaver when it comes to this stuff. So when you get your bike up into a high balance point, your rear break is what controls that balance along with your throtle and keep it in that, in that point of balance at the end of the day.

And that's really kind of what we're working towards there.

Well, that was fun. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did feel free to, to subscribe, um, leave us some comments. We're constantly kind of giving feedback and looking for what our next step is. We have a bunch more videos to come, come see us. Hug us. Love us. We'll see you soon.

So weird. I it's so weird. I feel like my boobs are out. Oh yeah. Can we, it was cupping the bottom of my nipples and pushing my boobs up, worked out more felt SUBC.

And that was how to do a wheelie. Hey, but it actually worked out pretty well.