How To Wheelie For Beginners | Motocross How - To

Wheelie 101: Beginner's Guide to Wheelies from The MX Factory

Learning to wheelie is a milestone for any new rider, and Tyler from The MX Factory has shared the foundational steps to get you started. Whether you’re just setting foot in the motocross world or looking to add a new skill to your repertoire, this guide is your first step to mastering wheelies.

Setting the Stage: Ideal Surface and Positioning

The right environment is key. Start on a surface that offers good traction, like hard-packed dirt or a grassy incline. This helps in maintaining control. Positioning is also crucial. Sit closer to the bike’s rear axle; this alignment makes it easier to find and maintain the balance point. Keep your knees tight and position your feet strategically on the pegs for quick access to the brake.

The Clutch Pop: Getting the Front Wheel Up

Mastering the clutch pop is essential. This involves coordinating the release of the clutch with a burst of throttle. To practice, set up two cones at a distance (start with about 15-20 feet). The goal is to use minimal throttle to get the front wheel up and coast from one cone to the other. This drill will help you get a feel for the bike's balance point.

Using the Rear Brake for Control

Beginners often struggle with using the rear brake to control the height of the wheelie. A useful exercise is to lift the front end and then use the brake to bring it down gently. Remember, the closer you are to the balance point, the less throttle you'll need. Avoid the common mistake of chopping the throttle suddenly; instead, focus on small, controlled throttle adjustments.

Practice and Patience

Wheelies require practice and patience. Don't rush the process, and don't get discouraged by early mistakes. With each attempt, you'll gain better control and understanding of your bike's dynamics.

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