Top 5 Dirt Bike Wheelie Practice Drills - How to Wheelie Better Quickly!

Mastering the Art of Wheelies: 5 Essential Drills from The MX Factory

Wheelies, an iconic and exhilarating skill in motocross, can significantly enhance your riding experience. Tyler from The MX Factory recently shared five essential drills designed to help riders of all levels improve their wheelie skills. Here's a breakdown of these drills and how you can start practicing them today.

Drill 1: Popping the Clutch

This initial drill focuses on getting used to the clutch’s movement. The goal is to lift the front wheel just six inches off the ground. Spend about one to three hours mastering this to build a solid foundation for subsequent drills.

Drill 2: Rear Brake Control

Control over the rear brake is crucial to prevent looping out. The drill involves lifting the bike a little (up to two and a half feet) and then using the rear brake to gently bring it back down. It’s important to be gentle with the brake to avoid slamming the front tire down.

Drill 3: The Floater

Here, you’re aiming to reach the balance point without using brakes or gas. This drill helps you understand the feel of the balance point and get comfortable maintaining it.

Drill 4: Point-to-Point Challenge

Set up two markers (cones, rocks, etc.) and wheelie from one to the other. The goal is to control the wheelie between these points and gradually extend the distance as you become more comfortable.

Drill 5: Slow-Motion Point-to-Point

Similar to Drill 4, but the challenge here is to perform the wheelie as slowly as possible. This drill improves your control and stability during wheelies.

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