Why you need to squeeze your motocross bike!

In motocross, it's important to use your entire body to control the motorcycle and maintain balance. One key technique for doing this is to squeeze the bike with your knees. Here's why it's so important:

  1. It helps you maintain control. When you squeeze the bike with your knees, you create a more stable platform for your upper body. This can help you stay balanced and in control, especially when riding over rough terrain.

  2. It allows you to absorb shock. When you hit a bump or jump on a motocross track, your body absorbs the shock. By squeezing the bike with your knees, you can help distribute this shock and reduce the impact on your body.

  3. It helps you steer. Your knees can also act as a rudder, helping you steer the bike through turns. By squeezing the bike on the inside of the turn, you can help initiate the turn and maintain your line through the corner.

  4. It improves your riding style. Squeezing the bike with your knees is a key component of proper motocross technique. By incorporating this technique into your riding, you'll be able to ride more smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, squeezing a motocross bike with your knees is an important technique that can help you maintain control, absorb shock, steer, and improve your overall riding style. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, it's worth taking the time to practice and perfect this technique.

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