You NEED to Perfect This Motocross Technique - Sitting to Standing Transition

In this video, we're gonna show you how to transition from sitting to standing

step. Everyone. Tyler at the MX factory here in Austin, Texas. Today, we're gonna talk about transitioning from seated position to standing position, what you do after every corner on the track. And occasionally after a jump that you might land, unseed on, it's a pretty simple move, but not if you don't know exactly how to lead into.

Everything that we teach always starts at the feet. So we're gonna go over the footwork first, make sure that when we stand our feet are in the right position.

When you're coming into a turn and you're done with your breaking and you move your feet to the pegs in position, they're gonna stay. When you come down the next Rav, you wanna make sure you're on the balls of your feet, going through the corners, meaning you don't want to be on your tippy toes and you definitely don't wanna be riding in the arches of your feet.

Reason for that is when you stand, you. Still stay on your balls of your feet. So you have flexion in your ankles.

So the second thing is, is when you transition through the middle of the turn, as you start to accelerate, you want to attach your upper body to that acceleration. So if you watch my hand here, I'm gonna start to accelerate. And as, as I'm accelerating, I'm moving forward. I'm trying to move in motion with the bike.

And the reason for that is we wanna be in balance with a bike. We wanna be able to stay in control and not be pulled off the back of the bike. So as we. To the front of the bike and the power starts to level off, or it's not so aggressive, we're ready to stand. All we do is make sure that we keep our head in this spot and then we just use our legs to get up in position.

So what you're gonna notice is I'm gonna keep my head here. Okay. And then I'm just gonna stand head here. Stand here. You, you notice in my head, maybe moved an inch or two no more than that. And then as you stand, you unlock your hips. You had a flat back, you're looking out to the next obstacle that you wanna attack, and you're in a good attack position.

Thanks for watching.

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And then you tuck your elbows in real tight, like as if you're doing some sort of, uh, yoga or something, and then you put your head down and you hold on, hold on tight.