5 Day motocross technique intensive

"I highly recommend taking one of the MX Factory training classes. Tyler is a gifted teacher, he explains things clearly and you can tell he has a passion for teaching others how to ride safely." - Lindsay Brys
What to expect

Our 5 Day Technique Intensive leverages technique based training to...

  • Create safety 👷‍♂️
  • Create speed 💨
  • Create consistency 🙏🏻
  • Create confidence 😎
  • Reduce anxiety 😊
  • Amplify your fun 😄

built for all skill levels

Are you a beginner?

This intensive is perfect for you, because you'll be creating correct technical habits from the beginning.

Are you a vet or intermediate rider?

This intensive is perfect for you, because you'll be braking bad habits, creating new ones, and get instant feedback to take your riding to the next level.

Are you an expert rider?

This intensive Is perfect for you because you’ll create a better understanding of how the body and the bike work together as well as learn drill sequences that you can use forever to hone your technique into near perfection.

Class schedule

Camp structure may differ based on rider skill levels.

day 1

Technique Work

9AM - 1PM

Day 2

Technique Work 9AM - 1PM

Day 3

Track Focus (Ruts)

9AM - 1PM

Day 4

Track Focus (Jumps)
9AM - 1PM

Day 5

Track Focus (Competition)

9AM - 1PM

How do I register?

Simply add to cart the amount of riders you want to register. Then hit the cart 🛒 symbol, then hit check out. Pay for your camp, then expect an email from us the week of camp with a rider survey.



I highly recommend taking one of the MX Factory training classes. Tyler is a gifted teacher, he explains things clearly and you can tell he has a passion for teaching others how to ride safely.

Lindsay Brys

We had a small private day camp with Tyler today at Buffalo creek MX facility in South Carolina, absolutely loved it, very informative, really nice guy, just a very fun and very useful information and help, what I love about him is he isn’t afraid to hop on a bike and show you, he offered to do so through out the day. He’s a legend!

Nico Gibson

I had the opportunity to do one of the day camps when Tyler came through Massachusetts and it was a ton of fun. Tyler’s teaching style is great for all riding levels and he does a great job of tailoring the coaching to everyones riding ability. I am excited to get back out and continue to work on the things I learned. If you’re thinking about training with Tyler, just do it! I am confident that I learned proper techniques to build on and I got more experience out of a few hours than I would have ever gotten on my own. A+ would definitely recommend and I will be doing another camp the next time he comes through.

Christopher Klimavich
Los Angeles, CA

The best instructor hands down!

Marcin "RocketMan" Sochacki
Boise, Idaho

Im sure you have a ton of people gushing about your course, but long ago learned that you can never have too much money ,and you can never hear that you are beautiful too often !!

As a newer, older rider, ( 58) ive spent the last two years working hard to learn the craft both of street and dirt bikes. Lots of mileage, slow but steady progress.

Your course's focus on correct body position allowed me to finish the day with a bit of brain mapping for the feel of correct position. That feel was been immediately helpful yesterday in the track, , and remarkably ( but maybe not remarkably ) on the street this am .

I have an older Kawi Vulcan 500 for street, and this morning on the way to work , focused on the seated neutral, forward, and braking position, working pelvic tilt, flat back, hinging at the hips.

WOW!! an immediate difference in handling in all aspects of the ride. I'm mean, DOUBLE WOW !!

Patrick Harrower
Calgary, AB

Hey Tyler, just wanted to say how grateful am of the lesson got a few weeks ago at the Paviion Mx track. I went from being in the middle of the pack to going 1-1 the last 4 events in a row and I'm now 1st in points. The tips and tricks of body position, lever controls and cornering improved my riding immensely. I hope to join again in the future.

Hunter Nelson
Pavilion, NY


No age limit or minimum. However, we ask that young riders be able to go through the track and ride without parent help. Ideally, they can pick up their own bikes if they fall.

Lunch and water is the rider's responsibility.

Because we take a technique first approach, we are able to cater to all skill levels and all riding styles.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Woods riders might honestly have MORE to gain from this class.

5 Day Motocross Technique Intensive (Spoaks MX) Lockhart, Texas

5 Day Motocross Technique Intensive (Spoaks MX) Lockhart, Texas

Regular price$997.97

🚨 Our camps fill up fast! They can be full 6-8 weeks before they start. If you want to join, buy your spot early. We only let a certain number of riders join to make sure everyone gets the most help. So, get your spot before they're all gone!

Rental bikes are available! Click the Orange KTM if you want to rent a race bike. Click the Green Kawasaki if you want to rent a trail bike. (E50, 50F, 50T, 65T, 110F, 85T, 125F, 150F, 125T, 230F, 250F, 250T, 350F, 450F can be made available. Give us a call or email at info@themxfactory.com to confirm bike availability).

Join our resident coach, Tre McCullough for group and private training in Austin, Texas. Tre is a seasoned racer and coach who has been mentored by The MX Factory owner, Tyler Livesay. No matter your goals on the bike, Tre will get you there plus some. Training is held from 9AM to 1PM.

Monday: Technique Work

Tuesday: Technique Work

Wednesday: Track Focus (Ruts)

Thursday: Track Focus (Jumps)

Friday: Track Focus (Competition)

Week long training is held at Spoaks MX. Dry camping is available. Plenty of Airbnbs and hotels in the area. Address is at Barth Road, Lockhart, Texas, 78644.

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